Glow bath

How do you brighten up a dull winter evening? With a glow bath of course! I've been wanting to try this for ages but got a bit stuck over all the technicalities of it; I couldn't find a black light and I wasn't sure about pouring the contents of flourescent markers and glow sticks into the bath water etc. In the end I got bored of waiting to get it just perfect and we simply lit a few glow sticks and turned out the lights - I'm sure it was just as much fun as any of the more elaborate set ups. The kidlets were blown away by the magical light and played happily until long after the bath water had gone cold.


Once they had gotten over their awe they started to experiment with making patterns in the air by waving the sticks, naturally this quickly progressed into throwing them and before we knew it we where being hit in the heads by glowing missiles flying left right and centre. It was certainly a memorable bath time - we will most definitely be doing this again - although possibly while wearing head protection.