Interstellar Top

Interstellar Knit Fabric

I LOVE this knit fabric.  It makes me think of the night sky.  I made this slouchy top this week, it could do with a couple of adjustments but I really like it already.  It's modelled on a top that a friend of mine has and It's essentially just a rectangle with sleeves and a slit for the neck.  

The placement of the sleeves means that it slips off the shoulder or I can gather it up and wear it like a cowl neck.  The sleeves are skinny (a bit too skinny really) and extra long which I always think makes things feel extra cozy.  I really like the way the fabric drapes. I've left the bottom edge raw for now - thinking that I'll finish it later but I will probably never get around to it!  It could do with being a bit bigger really but I was limited by the width of my fabric, not wanting to put a seam along the gathered shoulder which I thought would spoil the drape a little. 

I've got more of this fabric so perhaps i'll have a second try at it and make all the improvements that I want to. Or maybe I'll just save it for another project.