Woodland Creatures Felt Mask PDF Sewing Patterns

I'm on a roll!  My second PDF Felt Mask Pattern is up in the Willow and Stitch Etsy Shop. As with the Superhero Masks, the pattern also comes with free printables which can be printed onto card, then coloured or painted, and worn.  I think this would be a lovely activity for a children's birthday party or just a rainy day afternoon.  Check out my post on Superhero Masks for more details on how to use the printable masks.

Woodland Creatures Felt Mask PDF Sewing Pattern - Fawn, Fox, Owl and Bunny

I really love these little woodland creatures, although I'd be hard pressed to tell you which my favourite is.  Given the proximity to Easter, I think it might have to be the Bunny at the moment.  There's just something about the very word 'Woodland' which, for me, conjures up all sorts of fantastic and magical images.  It brings to mind stories of fairies and elves and toadstools, trees with secret hidden doors in their trunks.  Images of tiny glades, dappled sunlight, spring flowers, babbling brooks.  The soft crunch of leaves and twigs underfoot, the stillness of the air, perfect quiet.  The damp earthy smell; wild garlic and Bluebells.  I could almost be there.  It makes me long for springtime in England.