Practicing Gratitude

A few weeks ago I was contacted through my Etsy Store by a lovely lady who works for the Make A Wish foundation.  She told me that she was organising a wish for a 4 year old boy who was suffering from leukaemia and who wanted to be a superhero for a day and wanted to know if I could design a costume for him.  

I was so excited to be asked to help out with this project.  I can't tell you how great it is to be able to do the thing that I love with the knowledge that the things I was making would be bringing a little ray of sunshine to a sick boy who is very much in need of something to smile about.  

So, I got to work designing and making, and as I was doing this I couldn't help but think about this little unknown boy, this family who I have never and probably will never meet, who are going through so much heartache.  Yes, it was wonderful to be able to contribute towards something which, I hope, will bring them some happiness, but I began to feel that perhaps I was actually getting more benefit from this small act than they will.

It's just that thinking about what they are going through has made it impossible not to recognise the blessings in my own life.  I have two happy, healthy and bright children, a kind and loving husband and the best friends and family that anyone could wish for, and as much as I like to moan about the difficulties in my own life, they really pale in comparison to the heartache and stress that would come with a sick child.  

This little boy has strengthened my sense of gratitude, he has made me reassess my priorities and has reminded me just how wonderful and miraculous my own children are. He has made me look past the trivial annoyances of my life and reminded me to focus the bigger picture. 

Thank you Kale,  I hope you have an amazing day being a superhero.  To me you are already a superhero.  I wish you health and happiness.


Autumn Ride

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