Where we're going...

Nick and I were lucky enough to get a night away in the country last weekend.  It was wonderful to have 24 hours all to ourselves - time to relax and fall in love all over again. We ate and drank; wandered and rested and talked - we talked so much and it was such a revelation! Often it's hard to get past the day to day stuff, especially when you're constantly being interrupted by requests to 'look at me!', unanswerable questions or demands for HELP.  I was honestly amazed (and a little relieved) that we still had so much to talk about and that after 13 years of being together we were still discovering new things about each other - which is, of course, because we're both still changing and growing as people.  It was lovely to discover that we've been moving in the same direction though. That we were both feeling the need to start making more of a contribution to the world (both through larger projects and small day to day acts of kindness and mindfulness). 

As always for me it's going to take a little time before the changes start to happen - I need that time to think about things from all angles and figure out exactly what the right course is, but i'm getting there.. It's an exciting place to be - the possibilities are endless and are limited only by my imagination and my courage.

Anything could happen really..