Ice Cream Dough

This morning we set up our very own Ice Cream Parlour. We had a lot of fun! Ella spent about an hour and a half playing with this. First we made the dough together, then we set up the 'Ice Cream Parlour' and she spent ages scooping out the ice cream into cones (I only made 2 cones to begin with but she kept asking for more so that every teddy / dolly could have their own!) We had homemade confetti to use as sprinkles (there were also near constant requests for more of this!) and coloured foam wafers to stick in the top. Even the washing up afterwards was fun!

I saw this at Bath Activities for Kids (Sister site to 'Growing a Jewelled Rose' - go and have a look, there are so many wonderful sensory play ideas!) and really wanted to give it a go. I'm so glad we did. The 'Ice Cream Dough' was really easy to make - ours was chocolate - flavoured with cocoa powder - and it smelt delicious! (Didn't taste too good though judging by Ella's face when she tried it!)
It's basically just baking soda and water with some colour or scent but there are soooo many things you can use it for - I think we might try 'Errupting Snow' next... I just need to find somewhere that i can bulk buy baking soda and i'll be all set!