Rainy Day Mayhem

It's been a very wet week, and today was more of the same. Rain, rain, rain.  Rainy days are always a bit of a challenge. Jacob especially struggles on the days when he can't get outside and run around. He's like an outdoor magnet that boy - one whiff of fresh air and he's off like a shot.  Quite often we've not got the door open more than 20cm before he's out and running off across the front garden!

So when we get a day like today he's always a grumpy pants, as if being confined in a small space for 10 hours with two toddlers wasn't enough of a challege at the best of times!  I did my best; today we had fun playing with the animals (and sorting them into those that live in the water, on the beach and on land), singing, dancing and playing instruments, we had friends over for a playdate, we did some painting and baked cupcakes, we hoovered and we did the washing up, and yes, we even watched a bit of TV. Yet no matter what we did it inevitably descended into chaos. Cupboards were emptied, paint was eaten, children were painted, flour was thrown on the floor, water was thrown on the floor, yoghurt was thrown on the floor... you get the general idea! 

But somehow we made it to 6 o'clock. The kids were clean after their bath, toys were packed up, the house was (reasonably) tidy and dinner was not exactly made but planned at least. All that remained was to snuggle up on the sofa and wait for a very soggy daddy to cycle home from work.


Look Mummy! I'm a Blue Girl!! 


Then, while we were cleaning that up, this happened.... 


At least he was using it I suppose?