Daddy's-Old-Shirt Dress


We're getting into the spirit of buy nothing new month a little early here. Nick and I had a clear out of our wardrobes and I decided to turn this old shirt of his into a little sundress for Ella. 

I made the front by cutting a dart along the bottom of the gold, with the yolk the right width and the skirt with extra width which I gathered before sewing the dart back together. This meant I could leave the original buttons and button band and not have to cut through it. 

Ella loves this dress - mostly because she knows it used to be Daddy's shirt and she thinks that must mean she's as big as Daddy! She's very keen on growing up my little girl. Would that I could be so pleased - while I love watching her grow and learn, I'm still really struggling to come to terms with the fact that my firstborn is 3 already (where did that time go?)