Sewing and Saving

Savings made by sewing

I'm very excited to say that I'm going to be participating in Sew Thrifty's 'Savings Made By Sewing' Series. Throughout July, sewing bloggers will be sharing their favourite tips for saving money on patterns, fabric, supplies and more.  

We've all bought fabric before (for no other reason than that we love it) and justified it to ourselves (and our partners) by claiming (but never really believing) that we did it because "sewing saves money". Well guess what - we may just have been right all along! Head on over to Sew Thrifty and find out exactly how.  We're going to lay the debate to rest and prove, once and for all, that sewing is not only a fantastic way to save money, but that sewing to save money can be fun; That it inspires creativity and resourcefulness, and rewards our efforts with a feeling of accomplishment, a light heart and a pretty new dress!