A breath of fresh air

This weekend we were introduced to a potentially new favourite place to escape from the city - Plenty Gorge. I say 'we' when really I mean Nick and the kids. He and a friend very kindly took the kids out for a breath of fresh air, leaving me and a friend to get a bit of much needed quiet sewing time - bliss! 

Anyway, more on the sewing soon, here's some pics of Plenty Gorge for now.. 


Jacob apparently spent the majority of the time perfecting his throwing technique by tossing stones into the water!


Post - throw effort face


Is there anyone in the world more content than a kid with a stick?




Snow snow snow.. So much snow! We've just returned from a lovely few days up in the mountains. It was wonderful to get away and spend some quality time with friends and our lovely little ones.  

Is there anything more magical than the way in which snow transforms a landscape? Except possibly for the looks on the children's faces when they look out of the window in the morning and see that IT SNOWED!!!! 

I think that just being up in the snow would have been enough for me but as an added bonus we even managed a bit childcare tag team-ing to allow us all a bit of free time for snowboarding.


Ella and her little friend had a go at skiing (the size of their skis and boots was alarmingly cute) and both did so so well. It was amazing to watch their confidence grow and see their pride in all their acheivements. We were pretty proud of them too and it made the enormous effort involved in getting everyone dressed and ready and down to the ski slopes completely worth it!

We built snowmen, made snow angels and caught snowflakes on our tongues. There was also plenty of tobogganing although not enough for some and too much for others